‘Dilli’ A hearty feast
by chef

Sujan Sarkar

In Collaboration With

Dinner Box

The Concept

The Dinner Box is a pop-up, gourmet delivery service that brings the top chefs of India with the leading local restaurants, in a collaborative format. It’s the best way for food enthusiasts to relish world-famous dishes prepared by the most renowned chefs of the country, in the comfort of their homes.

The Dinner Box is currently serving only in Delhi-NCR and will soon be bringing its unique experiences to other metro cities.


The Guest Chef

With a global footprint of terrific culinary work, Chef Sujan Sarkar continues to explore and re-imagine the future of Indian cuisine. His ability to experiment and stretch the boundary of traditional Indian food has earned him a plethora of accolades and immense international recognition.

Sujan Sarkar is a Chef-Partner of two successful modern Indian restaurant brands ROOH and BAAR BAAR.

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The Guest Chef

Over the last 20 years, Amninder Sandhu has mastered the ancient techniques of gas-free cooking using a charcoal-powered hearth. She is one of the only chefs to have achieved that and has been honoured by the Himalayan Raw and Fine Chef of the Year award.

Beyond holding the title of the Best Lady Chef, she was also the only Indian chef chosen to compete on the global Netflix series, ‘The Final Table'.

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